Your slave pics | My Words/Comments & Quotes I am a submissive/slave/babygirl on a beautiful journey with my Sir/Master/Daddy. You can check out His blog at . I am His and only His. I am in no way looking to hook-up or play with anyone so please don't mistake my friendliness and openness as an invitation.
My blog is not intended for anyone under 18....Adults only!!!
The things I post on my blog can be very sexual, erotic, and sometimes very dark and hardcore ...they are my fantasies and my desires and anything that catches my eye...some of the pics here turn me on and are just too hot not to post. Sometimes I may add comments and quotes from others or poets, authors, etc...and I have added a link to them as I have tagged them above as "My words/comments & quotes". I do not remove anything from a post as I see it on my dash, so if you see anything that is not credited properly that is yours please let me know and I will correct it or remove it. It's up to you. I do not own any of these pics unless stated otherwise.

If you want to see selfies of me you can click the link above "Your slave pics". Be kind in your remarks, I share my private pics with my followers because they have been so good to me and I adore them...I have the best followers in the world!!!

Also I would appreciate it when reposting from me if you would leave my comments and quotes when and if I have added them intact and credit them appropriately....Thank you


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